Aye SplitTiff

Aye SplitTiff 4.0

Software to split multiple page tiff files

Aye SplitTiff is a program that can split multiple page . tiff files into batches of single page . tiff files, even if the . tiff files contain thousands of pages.

This utility application can save these split . tiff files into different folders, no matter if it is the source folder where the user has already split the .

tiff file. This application supports command line modes and the GUI mode. Also, it has options to create log file for references. Aye SplitTiff supports various types of .

tiff compression modes, which include uncompressed, group 3 fax (MH/MR or T. 4) compressed, group 4 fax (MMR or T. 6) compressed, PackBits compressed, LZW compressed, NeXT compressed, ZIP compressed .

tiff files . jpeg compressed, etc. The Aye SplitTiff is lightweight, and it is an easy-to-use application. Separating multiple pages of . tiff files into separate batches of .

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